Loyalty Rewards ahead in 2020 for Fab4 Drivers

Lernerville Splotch Logo

Sarver, PA (November 25, 2019)

Lernerville Speedway and the Tomson family are proud to announce that Hovis Auto & Truck Supply and Cliff Hovis have agreed to sponsor the Lernerville Loyalty Program for the 2020 Fab 4 racing season. Under the provisions of the Lernerville Loyalty Program, any car in any Fab 4 division which participates in  six (6) Fab 4 scheduled races qualifies for a complimentary driver’s pit pass for each of the remaining 2020 Fab 4 scheduled race nights in which the car participates. The complimentary driver’s pit pass will be given to each qualified car at the time of each scheduled Fab 4 race.
The Tomson family extends a heartfelt thanks to Cliff Hovis for sponsoring this new program which acknowledges the car owners  and drivers who choose to race at Lernerville Speedway throughout the racing season.

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